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DS-8 OH-70C ST-30H HFNC Oxygen Breathing Machine Hospital ICU Auto CPAP BiPAP Ventilator
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DS-8 OH-70C ST-30H HFNC Oxygen Breathing Machine Hospital ICU Auto CPAP BiPAP Ventilator

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In Stock DS-8 Automatic CPAP BIPAP Ventilator ST30 Portable Mobile Medical Novel Pneumonia Treatment Machine connect to Oxygen Concentrator for Hospital and Home

Working mode: CPAP, AUTO, S, T, ST30

Size: 28cm x 14cm x 9.5cm

Inspiratory pressure: 4- 30cmH2O

Expiratory pressure: 4- 20cmH2O

Suction ratio: 10-80%

Automatic voltage adjustment: automatic adjustment in AUTO mode

Backup frequency: 5-50 adjustable

Delayed boost: 0 ~ 60min

Noise level: <29dBA at 10cmH2O pressure level

Data storage: High-speed SD memory card

Display: 2.8-inch color display

Humidifier: 0- 5 gears

Weight: 1.6Kg (excluding power supply)

Power requirements: AC 100-240V ~ 2.1A, 50-60Hz

BIPAP Ventilator

Trust Points

  • Simplicity: easy to useand operation.

  • Choice:design for medical institutions and home using.

  • Patient Centered Ventilation:Various ventilation model from conventional ventilation to advanced modes, 6 modes: CPAP; Auto; S; T; ST30; TVV-APCV.

  • Designed and manufactured by VentMedwith over 15 years experience in this

  • Flexibleconfigurations to suit your 

  • International standard and advanced technology suitable for wide range use.

  • Compact interface and easy easy button operation bring youbetter operating experience.

  • Over 15,000units of DS series installed over 50 countries in last 3 years.

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HFNC OH-70C Humidified High Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy for Hospital ICU Novel Pneumonia Respiratory CE Approved In Stock

Applicable department
Respiratory, ICU, Emergency, Neurology, Neurosurgery,
Geriatrics, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cardiology, Pediatrics

 HFNC Oxygen Ventilator

The device consists of a high flow output device, a professional heating and humidification system and a nasal obstruction system. It has the following three characteristics: (1) constant oxygen concentration: 21% ~ 100%; (2) continuous high flow: up to 60 L / min; (3) airway temperature and humidification: 37 ℃ temperature, 100% relative humidity.

Among extubated patients at low risk for reintubation, the use of high-flow nasal cannula oxygen compared with conventional oxygen therapy reduced the risk of reintubation within 72 hours.


Advantages of transnasal high-flow oxygen therapy (HFNC)

1. Patient comfort, especially when respiratory function is unstable, is particularly important for reducing breathing work and avoiding respiratory function.
It provides the following functions:
(1) Provides a stable high oxygen concentration to quickly and effectively improve blood oxygen.
(2) Wash away the dead space of physiological anatomy and reduce the re-inhalation of carbon dioxide.
(3) A certain positive airway pressure is formed to keep the airway open.
(4) Sufficient humidification and warming make the airway mucus ciliary cleaning function at the best state.
(5) Comfortable patient experience to improve oxygen therapy compliance.

2. High flow heating and humidifying oxygen. HFNC can provide warm and humidified high-concentration oxygen through a nasal catheter, and the air flow rate can reach 60L / min. Because the air flow rate can be set to exceed the peak inspiratory flow level of most patients with respiratory failure, thereby ensuring a constant oxygen concentration; HFNC's warming and humidifying functions can protect the airway mucosa and enhance the cleaning ability of mucous cilia. Reasonable airway humidification can dilute airway secretions, keep the airway open and moist, maintain normal airway function, and effectively prevent complications such as lung infections.

3. Increase functional residual capacity. Evaluation of the relationship between oxygen inhalation, body position, and end-expiratory volume of high-concentration nasal catheters by electrical impedance tomography indicates that no matter what posture is taken, inhalation of high-flow airflow through a nasal catheter can increase the overall regionality by increasing functional residual volume End-expiratory lung impedance.

4. Closely observe the patient's urine output. Potassium is mainly taken from food and is excreted by the kidneys with urine. Patients with chronic renal insufficiency have less urine than normal people, making it easier for potassium to accumulate in the body. Therefore, it is very important to closely observe the urine output of patients. Accurately record the urine output for 24 hours. For incontinence patients, it is not allowed to leave the urinary tube to accurately observe the urine output.

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ST-30H Ventilat Novel Pneumonia Respiratory NIV Auto BiPAP YH-830 S1100 Breathing Machine for Hospital Use In Stock

  • High-performance medical, non-invasive ventilator

  • Five non-invasive ventilation modes

  • maximum 40cm pressure

  • 21%-100% oxygen concentration regulation

  • Human-machine synchronization ability

  • Wireless networking

  • Remote monitoring capability from outside the ward

  • One computer can track multiple patients

  • Remote consultation functionality

ST-30H Ventilator

Easy to Use

  • 8 hours of battery life

  • 5.7 inch colorful LCD screen

  • One button control

Treatment function & use environment

5 major ventilation modes:
CPAP mode (continuous positive pressure)
PC mode (pressure mode)
S mode (autonomous mode)
T mode (time control mode)
S / T mode (autonomous / time control)

Application Environment
ICU, Respiratory Medicine, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, Neurology, Geriatrics
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Ventilator Respirator Clinical Application

DS-8 Ventilator in hospital BiPAP Ventilator for Home use

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