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Auto BiPAP ST30 Ventilator DS-8
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Auto BiPAP ST30 Ventilator DS-8

Type: BiPAP Ventilator
Model Number: DS-8
Place of Origin: China
Instrument classification: Class II
Warranty: 2 years
After-sale Service:Onsite Training
Product name: Medical Ventilator DS-8 Auto BiPAP ST30 Respirator

Medical Ventilator DS-8 Auto BiPAP ST30 Novel Pneumonia Coronavirus Lung Ventilator COVID 19 Respirator with Trolley and Mask for Hospital Use Ventilator

BiPAP ventilator with trolley

Working mode: CPAP, AUTO, S, T, ST30

Size: 28cm x 14cm x 9.5cm

Inspiratory pressure: 4- 30cmH2O

Expiratory pressure: 4- 20cmH2O

Suction ratio: 10-80%

Automatic voltage adjustment: automatic adjustment in AUTO mode

Backup frequency: 5-50 adjustable

Delayed boost: 0 ~ 60min

Noise level: <29dBA at 10cmH2O pressure level

Data storage: High-speed SD memory card

Display: 2.8-inch color display

Humidifier: 0- 5 gears

Weight: 1.6Kg (excluding power supply)

Power requirements: AC 100-240V ~ 2.1A, 50-60Hz

Auto Bipap ST30 Ventilator use in hospital for coronavirus

Respirators Automatic Bi-level 30ST Ventilator for hospital ICU COVID

Portable Auto Non-invasive 30ST ventilator DS-8 for home mobile CE Approved

About device-Ventilator

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DS-8 BiPAP and Accessories

DS-8 BiPAP ST30 with integrated heated humidifier, water tank, power lead, travel bag, user manual, air filter, SD Card, full face mask, air tubing, trolley (optional)

Automatic BiPAP Ventilator for Hospital Automatic BiPAP Ventilator for Hospital-1

BIPAP DS-7 Ventilator DS-8DS-8

Elegant appearance, giving you fresh and natural visual enjoyment

LCD display, multiple data display at the same time, night use does not hurt the eyes.

Friendly interface, simple operation, easy to learn and use

Automatic switch on and off, powerful alarm function, automatic altitude pressure compensation function, leak compensation function

Ultra-quiet design.

Elaborate heating humidifier, 360 ° anti-backflow, anti-reflow design, safer to use

Multi-gear heating, more freedom of choice

Sophisticated design prevents carbon dioxide retention and repeated inhalation

Auto BiPAP DS-8 Ventilator



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ISO 13485 Certificate Ventilator

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